Now you can see hockey, all though it differant

Ariel McKeown

The National Hockey League regrets to inform you that there is a lockout currently in place and they will be unable to attend any previously scheduled games. Seriously guys? Eight years ago in the 2004-2005 season the NHL experienced a lockout which many would argue helped to improve the sport for the better including the rule changes, mentality, overall shift from enforcers to talent amongst other adjustments. But that lost season also meant lots of lost revenue and lost profit between merchandise, ticket sales, television, advertising and more lost. Now they’re just getting ridiculous. Players are arguing with franchises about salaries and the league itself is barely doing anything. Their website barely explains the situation other than there are grievances and people refusing to let up and compromise. The only definitive statement that the fans can receive is that the preseason/season is cancelled through September 30th. Some players have chosen…

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