September 2012

It’s time to play.

Brutal 5:30am Practice 09 29 2012

At Wissahickon Skating club Squirt C Team with the Mite C team, me September 29th 2012.

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Christian at practice Thursday Sept 27 2012

Wissahickon’s Squirt C Team Practice 09 27 2012

Come see us practice Today.

Wissahickon’s Learn To Play Hockey 09 23 2012


Wissahickon’s Squirt C Team Practice AM 09 22 2012

Come see use practice Today.

Wissahickon’s Squirt C Team Practice 09 20 2012

At Wissahickon Skating club Thursday night practice, the squirt level C team in September 20th 2012.

Christian jumping in the Learn to play today.

Wissahickon Skating Club, learn to play hockey on Sunday mornings 11:30 till 12:30. August 16 2012.

WSC’s Learn-To-Play 09 16 2012

Christian Ishizaki Nice long strides. 

It’s a hockey hamster.

WSC’S Practice at 5:40 am From Samsung S3 09/15/2012

WSC’S Practice -Let’s play Dodge Ball.

Practice at 5:30am August 2012

WSC’S Practice 5:30am August 15 2012

Wissahickon’s Squirt C Team has a 5:30am practice time at the home rink. This morning did some fun drills for the kids.

A Special Thursday Night Practice 09 13 2012

The team had a special guest tonight for some Power Skating:Marianne Watkins, Power Skating Instructor is here this week working with each team on the fundamentals of skating. Recently, Marianne was hired as the skating coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, where she works with their prospects. We are fortunate to have Marianne working with us.

Practice from Samsung S3 09 13 2012

Focus on this drill, Christians head was not into this one. But still good job. Filmed at Wissahickon Skating Club Thursday Nights practice 09/13/2012.

Christian at this years first practice.

WSC’s Learn-To-Play 2012

Sunday’s Learn-To-Play, and Basic Skills

First Regular Season Practice